Kalle Olavi Niemitalo wrote:
>> PPS did not checked with --disable-utf-8; should be no-op with gcc
>> warning about "cond. always false", I think.
> In ELinks, configure --enable-debug adds -Werror
Ok, fixed.
> ELinks is currently licensed under GPLv2 only.  I hope we can
> eventually change the licence to also allow later versions of
> GPL and permit linking with OpenSSL.  Do you allow such
> relicensing for your patch?  (A more permissive licence would be
> fine too.)
I'm perfectly fine with GPL v2-or-later (or, considering amount of added
code ;-), any other OSL-approved license too).
> Do you give permission to add your name and email address to the
> commit information, to the AUTHORS file, and similar places
> (e.g. a list of contributors in release notes)?
Eww, fine.
Fixes failure to search for more than one double-width character.

--- elinks-0.12~pre3.orig/src/viewer/text/search.c
+++ elinks-0.12~pre3/src/viewer/text/search.c
@@ -174,6 +174,12 @@  get_srch(struct document *document)
 				if (document->data[y].chars[x].attr & SCREEN_ATTR_UNSEARCHABLE)
+#ifdef CONFIG_UTF8
+				/* skip double-width char placeholders */
+				if (c == UCS_NO_CHAR)
+					continue;
 				if (c > ' ') {
 					add_srch_chr(document, c, x, y, 1);
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