I was touched by this "bug" :-/.

I made a no complete translation of Elinks-0.12pre5 to spanish. See
it at http://sindominio.net/~martintxo/Elinks-0.12pre5.es.po.gz.

See more details in the posts bellow (as a matter of "post history").
Greetings. Martintxo.

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Data: Mon, 21 Sep 2009 10:27:32 +0200
Nondik: Martin Zelaia <martint...@terra.es>'tik
Nora: elinks-dev@linuxfromscratch.org, fons...@diku.dk, k...@iki.fi'ra
Asuntoa: Trying to reach elinks browser developers


I'm trying to contact some elinks developer. I send some email to the
elinks-dev mailing list (I'm subscribed too as martin...@sindominio.net), to
some developers own email account, with all of my own accounts too
(sindominio.net, gmail.com, and this last terra.es)... But I don't get any
response. There is something broken in anywhere??

Well, I made a (no-complete) spanish traslation of Elinks-0.12pre5. See the
details in the posts below.

Greetings. Martintxo.

martintxo zelaia <martint...@gmail.com>
20 de septiembre de 2009 12:29
Para: elinks-dev@linuxfromscratch.org

Hello again:

I think that we have some problems at sindominio.net, because my
emails aren't arriving to elinks-dev@linuxfromscratch.org (and now I'm
subscribed). For this, I'm sending this from my gmail account.

In http://sindominio.net/~martintxo/Elinks-0.12pre5.es.po.gz I put an
update of the spanish traslation for Elinks-0.12pre5. See the details
in the post below.

I hope that now I can reach you. Greetings. Martintxo.

Desde: Martintxo <martin...@sindominio.net>
Para: elinks-dev@linuxfromscratch.org
Asunto: Fw: Elinks spanish traslation
Fecha: Sat, 19 Sep 2009 19:37:29 +0200

Hello again:

I think that this email is'nt arrived to the list. I'm thinking about
something is wrong with my mails to the elinks project :-?

Now, I'm sending the mail without the atachment, to see if this is the

The updated elinks es.po is in the following URL:

Greetings. Martintxo.

Data: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 01:18:36 +0200
Nondik: Martintxo <martin...@sindominio.net>'tik
Nora: elinks-dev@linuxfromscratch.org'ra
Asuntoa: Fw: Elinks spanish traslation


I'm re-sending this mail. Previously I was not subscribed to the list.

Greetings. Martintxo.

Data: Tue, 1 Sep 2009 13:31:12 +0200
Nondik: Martintxo <martin...@sindominio.net>'tik
Nora: elinks-dev@linuxfromscratch.org, k...@iki.fi'ra
Asuntoa: Fw: Elinks spanish traslation


Well, I finish my work with the spanish traslation of elinks.

I fixed all the fuzzy strings, and translate some of the short strings as
well. Now the spanish traslation is at the 55%.

Attached is the es.po updated. I made it with poedit, using the po.es shiped
with the current elinks-0.12pre5.tar.bz2.

Greetings. Martintxo.

Data: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 20:04:49 +0200
Nondik: Martintxo <martin...@sindominio.net>'tik
Nora: elinks-dev@linuxfromscratch.org'ra
Asuntoa: Elinks spanish traslation


I'm a elinks user from ages.

I speak a bit english, but my english isn't so good. My original language is
spanish. So, I'm not a well translator.

I collaborated in the Soma project (http://www.somasuite.org/, now partly
dead), translating the user interface to spanish.

Now, I have a little time to spend in make a better elinks translation to
spanish. I have a look to the es.po file and view that there are a lot of
fuzzy strings that are incorrect. So my first work may be to correct these
strings and to translate some other small ones.

Are you interesting in that work?. I will made it in the same terms that the
elinks license.

Do I need to keep in mind some advice from you (subscribe to a mailing list,
make a patch...)?

Thanks in advance. Greetings. Martintxo.

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Sun, 25 Oct 2009 12:25:02 +0200 eguna,
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> I made a mistake in configuring the spam filter of elinks-dev,
> and it seems all messages sent here after August 11, 2009
> have been lost.  I am sorry.
> There was no such problem with the elinks-users list.
> The Mailman software in the mailing-list server uses lists of
> regular expressions for detecting spam messages.  I had added
> some comments and blank lines in the list used for discarding
> spam, to document the history and rationale of some of those
> regexps.  Unfortunately, it seems Mailman 2.1.9 treated those
> blank lines as match-all regexps.  Before the change, I had
> checked from the source code that it supported comments, but
> I didn't realize it didn't support blank lines.
> http://mailman.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/mailman/tags/Release_2_1_9/Mailman/Handlers/SpamDetect.py?view=markup
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