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> I vote for the deletion of contrib/debian and elinks.spec.
> Debian and others already have such files in their repos.
> The Arch's packagers might create the elinks.desktop themselves.

elinks.desktop is useful to multiple distros.  I think it is
better to keep an official version of it in the ELinks tree than
require packagers to look for updated versions from each other.

Deleting the rest of contrib/debian/ is OK with me.  Building a
Debian package gets the version number from the changelog, which
nobody has bothered to update after the 0.11.0 release, so it
looks like nobody is building Debian packages with those files.
After we release 0.12.0, Debian will have that version in their
archive soon enough.

I see you are who last updated contrib/elinks.spec.in.
If you say it is not needed, I trust you.

Now, what should be added to AUTHORS for those Ubuntu changes of

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