As reported at <>,
contrib/debian/elinks.desktop is in a pre-standard format that
triggers a warning from the mimeo program.  I could easily fix
that in the upstream elinks sources; however, Debian already has
an up-to-date elinks.desktop file that also includes translations
to a few languages.  To avoid needless forking, I'd like to copy
that version to the elinks-0.12 branch and later merge to master.

Then, to keep authorship information, I think I should also copy
debian/changelog, and perhaps the rest of the debian directory.
According to <>, the
Debian maintainer does not want us to have a debian/ directory in
the ELinks sources, so the files would go in contrib/debian/.
Does that seem reasonable to do?

Also, should I make the commit a merge (from
or would that just complicate later Debian maintenance?

I suppose another solution would be to move elinks.desktop out of
contrib/debian/ and update AUTHORS accordingly.  It does look a
bit odd that the Arch Linux build script reads a file from a
Debian-specific directory.

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