Google Now just popped up your article for me to read while I was at lunch 
a half-hour ago, I did not think that was so fast.  o.O

But yes, PR for docs, but no need to wrap existing things if there is no 
functionality changes.

On Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 12:47:38 PM UTC-6, Dorian Karter wrote:
> I recently wrote a blog post about my explorations into random number 
> generation from Elixir and Erlang. You can find it here:
> This led me to question why `:rand.seed` is not exposed from Elixir 
> without hitting Erlang directly. I think every time we send a user to learn 
> something about the intricacies of Erlang we are introducing a mental 
> overhead.
> I would be happy to submit a pull request that will attempt to wrap 
> `:rand.seed` but figured I'd check with the core team first. My questions:
> 1. Why is `:rand.seed` not exposed from Elixir? is that by design?
> 2. If it should be exposed by Elixir where do you imagine it living? 
> `Kernel.seed`? or should we create a new `Random` module.
> 3. Would it make sense to provide a method that will just securly seed 
> rand like so
> << i1 :: unsigned-integer-32, i2 :: unsigned-integer-32, i3 :: 
> unsigned-integer-32>> = :crypto.strong_rand_bytes(12):rand.seed(:exsplus, 
> {i1, i2, i3})
> 4. Anything else I should consider if I submit a pull request other than 
> obvious testing and documentation
> Thanks so much for your attention and feedback!
> Dorian

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