Hi all,

I've been working through Lance Halvorson's book and I got to a point where 
I was trying to test the ability to join a phoenix channel via JS code.  I 
kept getting back an error to the effect that it couldn't find the join/3 
function in the channel. The code he had was something like this:

def join("game:" <> game, _payload, socket) do
   {:ok, socket}

When I checked the Channel.join docs, I spotted that that second parameter 
is typespec'd as a map. I modified the parameter to %{} = _payload and sure 
enough everything worked as expected.

I then noticed that I was getting a compiler warning about join/3 not 
properly implementing the protocol.  

I'm sorry--I realize I'm being kind of vague. I just wanted to see if maybe 
that should be an _error_ not a warning.  Just wondering about opinions on 

If my vagueness is too hard to follow for this conversation, I can dig up 
exact code and messages. :)

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