Hi Elixir fans, 

I've been working on a website to showcase projects made with Elixir. The 
goal is this site is to show the types of projects being build with the 
Elixir language. Right now I have to follow various source to get this 
information so I decided to build a website to collect all of this. I want 
this site to inspire new and experienced Elixir developers and overall grow 
the community.

The site is still in early stages, I started it on Monday (April 9th), so 
I'm looking for feedback, feature requests, and just overall UI/UX 
improvements. I lunched the site early for several reasons:

1. I want this project to be shaped by the community by your feedback and 
feature requests. Example, If we all agree likes/upvotes are useful then 
let's build them. 
2. I didn't want to build something with assumptions for months with 
features no one uses. 
3. I want to encourage other Elixir developers to contribute regardless of 

I encourage you to check out builtwithelixir.com. and provide any feedback 
here or Github <https://github.com/edgar971/built_with_elixir>. Also, 
please share your projects. 

Thank you!!

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