v3.0.0 of the elm-style-animation library has been released!


This version was a major rethink and rewrite of the API.  Things are now 
list based instead of pipe based which simplifies animation creation quite 
a bit.

Beyond the new api, here are some new features.

   - send your own message at any step in the animation
   - animate css filters!   Have an image turn to greyscale.  Have an 
   animated blur.
   - animate shadows!  All of them:  text shadows, box shadows, inset 

I also gave a lightning talk at elm-conf about this version

(as a side note, elm-conf was very awesome. Such an interesting set of 
talks, which are all here and worth your 
while: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLglJM3BYAMPH2zuz1nbKHQyeawE4SN0Cd)

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