I am used to type using different input methods (for different languages) 
and I didn't realise that some characters have different codes despite 
looking exactly the same. Recently I hit an error, relative to my input 
keyboard and I spent quite some time, and even I reported it as a compiler 
"error". More info: 

Other compilers have more restrictions and do not report it and the charset 
always becomes a topic in the team discussions and source control tooling.
Other compilers do not have that restriction at all, so some people type 
function names in alphabets that other developers cannot understand.

I think it is legitimate to restrict the charset, especially when referring 
to some language tokens which can have several representations across UTF8.

If the elm compiler wants to keep the restriction of writing the source 
code only in the ASCII subset (with the exception of code comments and 
string literals), *I would like to have a compiler safety verification 
which warns me when by accident an illegal character got into the document*.

What do you think about the topic?

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