On Monday, October 10, 2016 at 11:01:54 PM UTC+1, Richard Feldman wrote:
> Has anyone gotten anything doing really complicated DOM stuff (in 
> particular Google Maps comes to mind) working in Elm via web components?
> In theory it would Just Work, but in practice I always wonder... ;)

I have not yet encountered any scenarios yet where Elm updates to the DOM 
destroy the state of the component. I have been slightly surprised by this, 
given previous discussion around Html.Keyed and where it is sometimes 
needed. I guess Elm mostly is doing a good job of only making changes to 
the DOM that it really needs to. The actual complexity of the compnent 
should not be an issue, it is a 'shadow' encapsulated piece of the DOM 
after all.

I'm interested in expanding on the counter example to add more complexity - 
and I have a component in mind that will be useful to me - the listbox that 
I was working with previously.

The areas to add more complexity to are:

More complex data on initialization - for example, passing a list of items 
to init the list box with. This will be a List (String, String) in the Elm 
application -> json array of string, string -> List (String, String) in the 
Elm component. That is, just needs encoder/decoder written to handle it.

More complex data on update - same as above really, provide a list of 
selected items every time it changes.

More complex internal state on the component - more options on the 
component for things like max items to display before adding a scroll bar, 
the scroll bar and scroll state itself. Ability to fetch the list of items 
from the server, so I can configure a listbox like this <elm-listbox 
href="http:/.../picklists/somelist">, and have the component manage the 
request/response lifecycle itself.

It looks doable and should add up to a meatier example than the counter.

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