On Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 11:21:05 AM UTC+1, Rupert Smith wrote:
> I'm interested in expanding on the counter example to add more complexity 
> - and I have a component in mind that will be useful to me - the listbox 
> that I was working with previously.

So I have a first pass at making a listbox component, you can find it here:


Sticking with the Polymer elements naming convention, I called this library 
'wood', since that also fits with the Elm theme...
I create a listbox like this:

root : Model -> Html Msg
root model =
        [ items (Dict.fromList [ ( "1", "one" ), ( "2", "two" ), ( "3", 
"three" ) ])
        , onSelectedChanged SelectChanged

Which is ok, but what I really want is for the listbox user to be able to 
display more than just a string in the listbox, along these lines:

root : Model -> Html Msg
root model =
    listbox [ attrForSelect "value", onSelectedChanged SelectChanged ]
        [ listItem  [ value "1" ] [ text "one" ],
          listItem  [ value "2" ] [ text "two" ],

But if the listitems are rendered withon the scope of the consuming Elm 
program, I run straight away into the previously discussed issue of not 
knowing which component to attach events to.

A listbox seems like quite a good component for allowing the consumer to 
decide how to render the list items. I might like an icon for example, or a 
checkbox which gets ticked when an item is selected, and so on. But it is 
wokring nicely for a plain text list.

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