On Thursday, January 12, 2017 at 5:45:53 PM UTC, Duane Johnson wrote:
> I like this direction. One of the things I want in an app is near-instant 
> load time. In addition, this leads nicely toward a server-side Elm "some 
> day" which is another thing I hope for :)

Yes, I think adding it would be completely transparent to client only 

I said that it might add some complexity or be a little slower but only in 
the case where 'attach' is being used. A further observation is that the 
extra complexity would only be needed on the first pass - after that, the 
client has full ownership of the vdom and could revert to the original 
algorithm for updating it. So it _might_ have some impact on the first pass 
when using 'attach', it might also work out that the impact is pretty 

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