Yes we spoke about how the idea of having "sections" within a page that 
function as independent units. The idea of mini-apps seems to encompass the 
approach of splitting out the app into Pages and page Sections. I don't 
have time now but I'll try to put down a description of our app later on 
today. ICYMI I posted a gist of the rough folder/file structure we use 

On Thursday, 20 April 2017 06:49:22 UTC+2, Richard Feldman wrote:
> We did spend the first 6 months or so of our project following the advice 
>> to not use nested TEA components. Our experience was that the perceived 
>> complexity of the app grew exponentially to the point where it was 
>> difficult to make progress. We refactored into a nested TEA structure and 
>> are far happier since (the change was made at the start of the year).
> Fair enough!
> *Reusable view components* 
>> We view these as distinct from the mini-apps that I mentioned earlier.  
> Ahh, right, this "mini-apps" design sounds familiar to me. I think I 
> remember talking to you about this awhile back - as I recall, you had some 
> really interesting business requirements in terms of how and when parts of 
> the page were loaded.
> If you have time, would you mind describing how the app works?

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