That is a strange behavior.
Here is a simplest example, where the cursor stays where it was:

Maybe your scenario is different?

On Thursday, June 8, 2017 at 2:25:22 AM UTC+2, Carlos De la Guardia wrote:
> Howdy all, 
> I'm creating an Elm version of this app:
> It's got a bunch of fields users can edit, and which are saved in local 
> storage. I'm running into a problem trying to produce the following 
> behavior: when a user opens the app, it should read their data from local 
> storage, insert it into these text fields, and then the user should be able 
> to edit the field, close the app, and repeat the process. 
> The specific problem it that setting an input's value with 'onInput' 
> resets the cursor position to the end of the field every time they type. If 
> you don't set the value, then the input is always created empty, rather 
> than with the desired value.  Perhaps using defaultValue would solve this 
> problem?

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