There are new or updated Elm packages every day.

Well, not quite every day -- there were none on July 30, 2017. Before that, 
the previous day without any new or updated Elm packages was April 1, 2017. 
And, before that, you would have to go back to October 2, 2016 to find an 
empty day. (This is counting a "day" in terms of UTC -- you'd get different 
results from the point of view of different time zones).

How, you might ask, do I know this? By consulting 

Now, perhaps you're thinking that visiting a web page to find recently 
published Elm packages is too much effort. How about a Twitter feed? 

You may also be amazed to learn that there are 2073 distinct module names 
implemented by published Elm packages. How do I know that? By consulting 

This is all a bit of an experiment I've put together on my summer vacation. 
(I really ought to learn what vacations are for someday). I hope it's a 
useful supplementary source of information about Elm packages.

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