Our use-case: Decoding and encoding binary hardware data.

We connect to various hardware via a TCP <-> WebSocket bridge, via 
WebBluetooth and via a Chrome App. Currently we do all low-level hardware 
connectivity (including binary decoding/encoding) outside of Elm in 
Javascript and exchange data with ports. The complexity required to manage 
all the hardware on the Javascript side is increasing and it would be very 
nice to handle all that neatly in Elm.

On Wednesday, 19 July 2017 04:34:06 UTC+2, Martin Bailey wrote:

> What kind of interaction with binary data would you require for your 
> projects?

A byte array (ArrayBuffer) seems to be what we need. We need enough 
low-level access to decode binary protocols (currently we use Javascript 
DataView). It should be usable with WebSocket and other WebAPI modules 
(e.g. WebBluetooth).

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