Sometimes I should read more carefully what I write. I want to use a
static web site generator! So Wordpress is no option for me.

Sorry for the confusion.

Brett Viren <> writes:

> Rainer Hansen <> writes:
>> I wonder what is the best way to create a blog for a company website
>> with Orgmode. I do not want to use a static web site generator. The
>> design of the web site is relying on Bootstrap and customs CSS.
> Just curious, why does wanting to use Bootstrap rule out an Org-based
> static site generator for you?
Of course I could use Bootstrap with an Org-based static site
generator. However, I my thinking is that I need to do a lot of
customizations to use it as a blogging engine. Perhaps I am wrong. I
would be happy if someone on the mailing-list has done it and can show
that it is quite straight forward to do. 
> I'm slowly developing just such a beast.  It Works For Me(TM) but is
> still a bit raw for others unless they can deal with some Python
> hacking and spotty documentation.
>> It should be easy to setup and to maintain for me?
> I think maybe you can better define what you mean by "easy"?  
Yes, easy is relative. What I mean is that I can set it up in less than
4 hours through configuration. I want to be able to reuse the visual
theme implemented in CSS for the rest of the web site in the time limit
mentioned before.

> In the end, developing my own generator was easier than trying to adapt
> existing ones.  There are a lot of great ones out there, especially if
> you expand to allow Markdown ones (either native authoring or using
> Org's Markdown export), but none do exactly what I wanted.
> -Brett.
Could you please provide some links? I am especially interested in
tutorials on setting them up.

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