Rainer Hansen <rainer.han...@gmx.net> writes:

> Sometimes I should read more carefully what I write. I want to use a
> static web site generator! So Wordpress is no option for me.

Ah, okay! That makes more sense.  One day I will also learn to read what
I write.  :)

> Of course I could use Bootstrap with an Org-based static site
> generator. However, I my thinking is that I need to do a lot of
> customizations to use it as a blogging engine. Perhaps I am wrong. I
> would be happy if someone on the mailing-list has done it and can show
> that it is quite straight forward to do.

Yes, this desire to have the HTML match the CSS (without touching the
CSS) is one thing that drove me to rolling my own generator.  I didn't
want to muck with Org HTML export to make that match happen.

In the end, I found that most of what I wanted from Bootstrap relates to
what I think of as "outer" HTML - the banner, nav bar, menus, table of
contents, etc.  It ends up mattering less to me for the "inner" HTML of
the actual blog post or page payload content.  

If ever I do need to, I'm prepared develop some code to do some
rewriting of Org HTML during the generation.

> Yes, easy is relative. What I mean is that I can set it up in less than
> 4 hours through configuration. I want to be able to reuse the visual
> theme implemented in CSS for the rest of the web site in the time limit
> mentioned before.

When my system has some more polish then maybe your 4 hour limit can be
satisfied.  Right now, being my only customer, it may not pass your
definition of "easy".  But, you are welcome to take a look and try.

> Could you please provide some links? I am especially interested in
> tutorials on setting them up.

I don't guarantee that it will live up to its name but here is my


It's mostly Python based and uses Jinja2 templates.  Emacs is used to
generate a JSON dump of the org-element tree, to produce the HTML body
text and to make a PDF.

I don't have many examples in the source but I do inside my actual Org
content area.  Some things to look at include the main config file:


an example template:


and, maybe look at how I call "joy" to rebuild the site.  I use "waf" to
do that and its control file is:


I only have this working on my laptop now so I can't show you the
results at the moment.  


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