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Rasmus <ras...@gmx.us> wrote:
> Andreas Hilboll <li...@hilboll.de> writes:
> > Using the current git master, any exported Markdown doesn't include
> > title, author, and date information.  Is this desired behaviour, or is
> > it a bug?
> AFAIK it's a "feature".
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Not sure whether you were being ironic on this, but I've noticed that exports
in LaTeX, odt, and HTML, not longer seem to pick up the buffer name as the
title as formerly and as the manual claims.

     The title to be shown (otherwise derived from buffer's name).  You
     can use several such keywords for long titles.

Same is true of author:

     The document author (`user-full-name').

I rather liked having this be the default with the option to change it.  So,
is this the intended behavior, or is the manual wrong?


Dan Doherty

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