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>> Andreas Hilboll <li...@hilboll.de> writes:
>> > Using the current git master, any exported Markdown doesn't include
>> > title, author, and date information.  Is this desired behaviour, or is
>> > it a bug?
>> AFAIK it's a "feature".
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> Rasmus,
> Not sure whether you were being ironic on this,

Rasmus is correct. Vanilla Mardown doesn't provide any way to specify
a title or an author in a document. 

Of course, if there's some standard way to do this, we can extend
"ox-md.el" accordingly. The same goes for table of contents, generated
as HTML for the time being.

> but I've noticed that exports in LaTeX, odt, and HTML, not longer seem
> to pick up the buffer name as the title as formerly and as the manual
> claims.
>      The title to be shown (otherwise derived from buffer's name).  You
>      can use several such keywords for long titles.
> Same is true of author:
>      The document author (`user-full-name').
> I rather liked having this be the default with the option to change it.  So,
> is this the intended behavior, or is the manual wrong?

You are looking at an outdated manual. This change was introduced
2 years ago (commit 604b93892caa8a646ced1ac7089461614bb9bffa). You may
want to search ML archives for the discussion about it.

You can probably use something like

 #+TITLE: {{{input-file}}}

to get the old behaviour back.


Nicolas Goaziou

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