Hi Org list,

I'm trying to work with multiple .bib files and having trouble.

In my Org file, I have:


And this works. I can search for a string in reftex and both bibliographies are 
found. It does not seem to matter what =reftex-default-bibliography= is set to.

But when I export to LaTeX, pdflatex (or latexmk) doesn't work, and complains:

Biber error: [268] Utils.pm:165> ERROR - Cannot find 'Library.bib,local.bib'!
Latexmk: Biber did't find bib file [Library.bib,local.bib]

And the biber documentation states that you cannot use a comma separated list 
of bibliographies in an =\addbibresource= command. You should use multiple of 
those commands.

However, if I use multiple of those commands, then Org only searches in the 
first bib file, not in both.

While writing this email and testing things yet again, I think I've found a way 
to get this to work. But I'm pretty sure this is exploiting some bug, and not a 
recommended method. If I have the \addbibresource{a,b} commented out, Org 
(reftex?) uses this, but it is not exported. I then repeat it twice, breaking 
apart the comma, and those get exported. For example:

# Note that the first line below is commented out
# #+LATEX_HEADER_EXTRA:\addbibresource{Library.bib,local.bib}

Is this how others work with multiple bibliographies? Some other method?



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