On 17/09/2016 03:49, Ken Mankoff wrote:
Hi Org list,[snip]

# Note that the first line below is commented out
# #+LATEX_HEADER_EXTRA:\addbibresource{Library.bib,local.bib}

Is this how others work with multiple bibliographies? Some other method?

Hi Ken, I use John Kitchin's org-ref. Multiple bibfiles can easily be include. I use this approach for most it for most projects - one global bib file and one project specific one, e.g. bibliographystyle:plainnat bibliography:C:/Users/andre/Dropbox/_biblio/refs.bib,C:/Users/andre/Dropbox/Consulting/Projects/RedMeat/MLA_Beef_Measles-C_bovis/literature/cbovis.bib Hope this helps. Cheers, AK

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