I have a couple of org files under VC (HG).
For lisp and latex files my workflow is as follows

    -  add-change-log-entry, which adds a nice reference like
        * emacs_keys.el ([(control super b)]): New:
        (global-set-key [(control super b)] 'ahg-heads)

    -  then call vc-next-action which offers to insert the recent added
       entry of the Changelog file.

    -  Long time ago Carsten Dominik wrote some addons for latex files
       so that references to sections are inserted in a ChangeLog file.

Could there be such an extension for orgmode to get an entry such as
2016-10-14  Uwe Brauer  <o...@mat.ucm.es>

        * remember.org * Sun Sep 25 19:03:04 2016 (HG): undo strip.

Or what ever value the header has.


Uwe Brauer 

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