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> Could there be such an extension for orgmode to get an entry such as
> 2016-10-14  Uwe Brauer  <o...@mat.ucm.es>
>       * remember.org * Sun Sep 25 19:03:04 2016 (HG): undo strip.

Looking at the vc.el code, there is the following comment which may
allow you to accomplish effectively the same thing although in the
reverse order (commit and then update changelog)?

;; If your site uses the ChangeLog convention supported by Emacs, the
;; function `log-edit-comment-to-change-log' could prove a useful checkin hook,
;; although you might prefer to use C-c C-a (i.e. `log-edit-insert-changelog')
;; from the commit buffer instead or to set `log-edit-setup-invert'.


but I may have completely misunderstood your question and, if so,
apologies for the noise!

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