Frederick Giasson <f...@fgiasson.com> writes:

> Hi Nicolas,
>>    In end of data:
>>    ob-clojure.el:180:1:Warning: the following functions are not known to be
>>        defined: nrepl-request:eval, nrepl--merge, nrepl-dict-put
>> Could you look into it? In particular, "nrepl--merge" looks like an
>> internal function from nrepl. Is it safe to use it?
> Yes, these functions are part of Cider's nrepl. Yes, they should be
> safe. Also, they are only used in a context where the code block uses
> Cider as the backend, so I guess it is right to use them in that
> context. Thoughts?

They should be declared at the beginning of "ob-clojure.el" (see
nrep-dict-get for example).

Also an internal function means its signature can change, or it can be
removed, without prior notice. If there is no "public" API for
"nrepl--merge", then so be it.


Nicolas Goaziou

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