Frederick Giasson <f...@fgiasson.com> writes:

> I am still waiting for FSF's signature. Should come in soon I guess.

I applied your patch on a local branch, but compilation issues the
following warnings:

In toplevel form:
ob-clojure.el:86:1:Warning: Unused lexical variable `nrepl-sync-request-timeout'

  In org-babel-execute:clojure:
  ob-clojure.el:149:34:Warning: reference to free variable

  In end of data:
  ob-clojure.el:180:1:Warning: the following functions are not known to be
      defined: nrepl-request:eval, nrepl--merge, nrepl-dict-put

Could you look into it? In particular, "nrepl--merge" looks like an
internal function from nrepl. Is it safe to use it?


Nicolas Goaziou

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