Hi Matt,

Matt Price <mopto...@gmail.com> writes:

> Richard, is wip-cite up to date with recent git versions of org-mode?

Nope.  At least, I have not done any work on this, and I don't know of
anyone else who has either.  I suppose I should rebase it onto master
again, but it's hard to justify the effort unless someone is going to
actively work on it, because otherwise it will quickly get out of date.
(Unfortunately, I can't put much time into this, at least not in the
short term.)

> I'd like ot try it out but would rather not go back to a pre-9.0
> version or org, having done a certain amount of work to update to the
> new framework...

Well, I'd still recommend trying it with Pandoc (instead of trying to
get wip-cite to work).  If there are issues with Pandoc's Org reader
post-9.0, those should be filed as bugs against Pandoc.


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