Richard Lawrence <richard.lawre...@berkeley.edu> writes:

> Matt Price <mopto...@gmail.com> writes:
>> Richard, is wip-cite up to date with recent git versions of org-mode?
> Nope.  At least, I have not done any work on this, and I don't know of
> anyone else who has either.  I suppose I should rebase it onto master
> again, but it's hard to justify the effort unless someone is going to
> actively work on it, because otherwise it will quickly get out of date.
> (Unfortunately, I can't put much time into this, at least not in the
> short term.)

I rebased wip-cite onto master. I didn't test the branch but "make test"
reports no problem.

>> I'd like ot try it out but would rather not go back to a pre-9.0
>> version or org, having done a certain amount of work to update to the
>> new framework...
> Well, I'd still recommend trying it with Pandoc (instead of trying to
> get wip-cite to work).  If there are issues with Pandoc's Org reader
> post-9.0, those should be filed as bugs against Pandoc.

I'd rather have some testing on the Org side. This is not a Pandoc-devel
mailing list. Besides, we really need to move forward on this branch.


Nicolas Goaziou

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