Christian Garbs <mi...@cgarbs.de> writes:

> Byte-compiling works and gave me 5 warnings about unused variables and
> arguments which I could fix in different ways.

Note that the usual solution to get rid of unused arguments is to prefix
their name with "_".

> Currently I run into a problem with the test case:  I have created an
> org file containing some Vala code and an .el file with some tests,

It would be better to have all tests and data self contained in the same
".el" file, IMO.

> but the dependency check at the top of the test always fails:
> | (unless (featurep 'ob-vala)
> |   (signal 'missing-test-dependency "Support for Vala code blocks"))
> Removing the test results in errors.
> When I replace those two lines with
> | (require 'ob-vala)
> the tests run as expected, eg. they fail when I deliberately provoke
> an error and succeed otherwise.
> I think this is a dependency or build problem, but I don't know what
> exactly goes wrong or how to fix it.  I have searched the whole source
> for 'ob-C and 'ob-fortran to see how those tests and modules differ
> from 'ob-vala, but this yielded no result.
> My guess: It is something totally basic and trivial.
> Any ideas?

I don't see any problem. The tests are meant to run if user has loaded
"ob-vala", but the test suite shouldn't load that library on user's


Nicolas Goaziou

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