On Sun, Aug 06, 2017 at 02:22:31AM +0200, Nicolas Goaziou wrote:
> Christian Garbs <mi...@cgarbs.de> writes:

> > Currently I run into a problem with the test case:  I have created an
> > org file containing some Vala code and an .el file with some tests,
> It would be better to have all tests and data self contained in the same
> ".el" file, IMO.

It seems I have studied the wrong tests and thought all tests were
built that way :-)

> I don't see any problem. The tests are meant to run if user has loaded
> "ob-vala", but the test suite shouldn't load that library on user's
> behalf.

I just found BTEST_OB_LANGUAGES in local.mk.  When I add "vala" there,
"make test" will run my tests - problem solved.

(I don't have (require 'ob-vala) in my .emacs as I rarely ever need
 it.  If I need it, I put "# eval: (require 'ob-vala)" in the
 corresponding org file.)

I fear that I am the only one who will ever run the vala tests ;-)

- Are there any build hosts that automatically run the tests with all
  languages enabled?

- Or could the BTEST_OB_LANGUAGES default in mk/default.mk be expanded
  to include vala?  (99% of the users will simply skip the vala test
  because they don't have the compiler binary, so it should have no
  ill effacts)


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