On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 11:07 AM Adam Porter <a...@alphapapa.net> wrote:

> Wolfram Volpi <wolf_vo...@yahoo.com> writes:
> > org-mode renders links in verbatim and code as links:
> >
> > verbatim: =[[link]]=
> >
> > code:     ~[[link]]~
> >
> > They should be rendered as plain text.
> Hi Wolfram,
> Why do you think they should be rendered as plain text instead of as
> links?  I use verbatim/code-styled links often in documentation, and I
> would not want them to be displayed as plain-text; I want them to be
> rendered as links, because they are.  :)

 Are you referring to:

[[https://www.example.com][=verbatim link descr=]]


Because I use that all the time to show links to code like .el files.

Regarding Wolfram's suggestion.. it makes sense that if someone wants to
show the Org link representation verbatim, it should be possible.


Kaushal Modi

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