Kaushal Modi <kaushal.m...@gmail.com> writes:

> Are you referring to:
> [[https://www.example.com][=verbatim link descr=]]
> ?

Well, here's what I've noticed:

+ [[https://www.example.com][=verbatim link descr=]]
  - Renders in the Emacs buffer as a link, colored as a link rather than
    a code block, with visible =description=.
  - Exports to HTML as <a...><code>...</code></a>, which looks fine
  - Renders on GitHub as <a...>=description=</a>, which is incorrect
+ =[[https://www.example.com][verbatim link descr]]=
  - Renders in the Emacs buffer as a link with the same color as other
    =code= blocks.
  - Exports to HTML as <code>[[https://www.example.com][verbatim link
    descr]]</code>, which I guess makes sense.
  - Renders on GitHub as <code>[[https://www.example.com][verbatim link
    descr]]</code>, which is consistent.

So maybe Wolfram is right here, and the the problems are with the way
the ...[=description=]] links are rendered in Emacs and on GitHub.

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