Rasmus <ras...@gmx.us> writes:

> Hi,
> Kaushal Modi <kaushal.m...@gmail.com> writes:
>> Thanks for checking. The validator (the default one in org-html-postamble)
>> never worked for me, probably because of something being blocked at work..
>> I get this when I click the validator link:
>> =====
>> Sorry! This document cannot be checked.
>> No Referer header found!
>> You have requested we check the referring page, but your browser did not
>> send the HTTP "Referer" header field. This can be for several reasons, but
>> most commonly it is because your browser does not know about this header,
>> has been configured not to send one, transferred the referring document
>> over a secure protocol such as https but is accessing the validator over
>> ordinary non-secure http, or is behind a proxy or firewall that strips it
>> out of the request before it reaches us.
>> This is not an error in the referring page!
>> =====
> There’s definitely some sort of issue...
> I guess this is for a local file?  I guess it needs to be publicly
> available.  But it doesn’t seem to work all the time even for public
> pages.
> Using the following example, it only works from the http version, not the
> https version.

Https pages not working is a known "bug" cf.


If a JS solution is OK, we could do something like this:

  <a href="http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=referer";

This would work with public https pages if JS is supported.  See:


I have not found a way to send the raw source code via an url for local



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