Julien Cubizolles <j.cubizol...@free.fr> writes:

> Adam Porter <a...@alphapapa.net> writes:
>> Julien Cubizolles <j.cubizol...@free.fr> writes:
>>> In an agenda buffer, C-u B d should clear the deadline of the entries
>>> marked the way C-u does on a single entry. I think it's what it used to
>>> do some time ago. Instead, I get:
>>> org-agenda-deadline: Invalid function: 4
>> FWIW, works for me on Org 9.0.5.
> Indeed, works for me on Org mode version 9.0.9 (release_9.0.9 @ 
> /usr/share/emacs/26.0.50/lisp/org/)
> but not on Org mode version 9.0.9 (release_9.0.9-738-g8ab9a8 @ 
> /home/wilk/git-repositories/org-mode/lisp/)

Since you have the git repo set up and have a good/bad range, you can use
git bisect to find the offending commit.

Based on changes that touched org-agenda-bulk-action recently, my guess
is 4f578a3f7 (org-agenda: Small refactoring, 2017-05-12).  Quickly
looking at that patch (and not testing), I think ?d's

    `(lambda ()
       (let ((org-log-redeadline (and org-log-redeadline 'time)))
         (org-agenda-deadline arg ,time)))

should s/arg/',arg/.

The code for ?s is similar, so I'd guess you'd hit the same error when
running C-u B s.


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