Kyle Meyer <> writes:

> Since you have the git repo set up and have a good/bad range, you can use
> git bisect to find the offending commit.
> Based on changes that touched org-agenda-bulk-action recently, my guess
> is 4f578a3f7 (org-agenda: Small refactoring, 2017-05-12).  Quickly
> looking at that patch (and not testing), I think ?d's
>     `(lambda ()
>        (let ((org-log-redeadline (and org-log-redeadline 'time)))
>          (org-agenda-deadline arg ,time)))
> should s/arg/',arg/.
> The code for ?s is similar, so I'd guess you'd hit the same error when
> running C-u B s.

I'm not sure.  I thought so too, at first, but here's the working code
from 9.0.5:

#+BEGIN_SRC elisp
(setq cmd `(eval '(let ((org-log-reschedule
                                     (and org-log-reschedule 'time)))
                                (,c1 arg ,time))))

"arg" is not unquoted there.  Also, a very silly test, but in my current
Org 9.0.5 configuration, I evaled the org-agenda-bulk-action function
from master, with the code you quoted, and it works.

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