Josiah Schwab <> writes:

> Hi Eric,
>> Erm, I'd be surprised if there's a single Org mode binding that
>> *doesn't* start with C-c. That convention is right out the window with
>> Org...
> To be clear, this is referring to C-c and then a single ASCII letter,
> not just any binding that starts with C-c.
> The manual /suggests/ globally binding things to C-c a, C-c b, C-c c and
> C-c l, and then proceeds as if you have, but I really don't think it is
> correct to say this convention is out the window.
> Josiah

I stand corrected! I hadn't realized the conventions were that narrowly
defined, and now I see that Org indeed doesn't bind "C-c [a-zA-Z]".
Thanks for pointing that out.


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