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Hi there,

Is it possible to have agenda view templates to export a specific tag
hierarchy with all the usual org-export options (e.g.: title, toc,
LaTeX stuff, etc) ?

I have about 30 or so tags in org-tag-persistent-alist that I use in
hierarchy in most of my org file.
e.g. :
                 ;; Errands

I also have about ten+ org files registered in org-agenda-files all of
them using those tags.

All of this is working fine and as expected.
e.g.: Being able to view all subtags of @Errands in my agenda view
which resembles : "Headlines with TAGS match: @Errands"

So my question is,
How can I export this tag filtered agenda view to, say a pdf with
LaTeX customizations and all that nice stuff.
The goal would be to be able to leave the house with a beautifully
typeset document containing all @Errands tagged headers *and* content?

If I use org-agenda-write and write a PDF file, I get basically the
same screen as my view, no content, just the headers and in a rather
crude layout.

I guess what I need (conceptually) is a way to get all headers having
said tag (or being a child of) be compiled in a file. Then I know all
the cool export stuff (e.g.: HTML, LaTeX, etc) will be accessible.

I hope I was clear enough.
Thanks for your help.
Pierre-Luc Gauthier

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