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> I am not sure I understand, at least with transient-region turned on.
> Typing <e will deactivate the region, so there is no effect.

You're correct.

> Or do you mean to actually put "<" into a keymap?

I actually do that in my personal config .. Maybe binding "<" in org keymap
is the simplest way.

I have this function in my config bound to "<":

(defun modi/org-template-maybe ()
  "Insert org-template if point is at the beginning of the line,
or if a region is selected.  Else call `self-insert-command'."
  (let ((is-region? (use-region-p)))
    (if (or is-region?
            (and (not is-region?)
                 (looking-back "^[[:blank:]]*")))
        (hydra-org-template/body) ;Wrapper function for
      (self-insert-command 1))))

Kaushal Modi

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