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> The template really only inserts the block type, not anything specific
> like the source language or export backend.

Right, but based on the code you have, you can easily add "SRC org", "SRC
emacs-lisp" to the default value of that list. Looking at that, users can
also get an idea that they can add their favorite languages to that list

> I think prompting for
> "second-level" information like that might be a little overkill.

I second that. The first-level prompt also feels a bit slow, honestly,
compared to using easy templates like "<e". So in my config, I make "<e"
(just an example) to insert the, well, EXAMPLE block as usual. But *if
region is selected*, it does the wrapping as in your code.

This is what I mean (GIF animation):


I use hydra to provide those awesome hints.. but the same can be done
without hydras too.

As for what should be escaped and what shouldn't, I defer to Nicolas,
> let's see what he says.

Kaushal Modi

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