Dear all,

Many thanks for your responses.

So as I understand it,there are two ways to achieve what I am trying to
do: either through diary, or through capture.

I am not sure which I should choose, though.

Since it seems my initial message was somehow unclear, let me try to
explain what I am trying to achieve again.

I have only one agenda file, ~/gtd/

It consists of only headings with active timestamps.

When I want to schedule a dinner with John, what I currently do is:

1. C-c a a

2. Look for a date

3. (say I find that April 1st isalright)

4. quit the agenda view

5. Visit the buffer corresponding to ~/gtd/

6. Go to the end of that buffer with M->

7. Add a heading like
* Dinner with John

8. Use C-c . to add the date, 1 apr <ret>

I am fine with steps 1 to 3 but would like to do steps 4 to 8 in a much
more efficient way, without having to re-enter the date, but with the
same result,i.e. the heading being added atthe endo of ~/gtd/

Do I make more sense this time?

Thanks again for you help!


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