Shérab <> writes:

> Dear all,


> When I want to schedule a dinner with John, what I currently do is:
> 1. C-c a a
> 2. Look for a date
> 3. (say I find that April 1st isalright)
> 4. quit the agenda view
> 5. Visit the buffer corresponding to ~/gtd/
> 6. Go to the end of that buffer with M->
> 7. Add a heading like
> * Dinner with John
> 8. Use C-c . to add the date, 1 apr <ret>

Yup, it's "k" in the Agenda that you want. First, set up your
org-capture templates appropriately. I've got one for exactly this
purpose that looks like:

("e" "Event" entry (file "~/org/")
 "* %?\n%^T")

Any capture template that has one of the "t/T" expansion elements will
default to the date under point in the Agenda. So after step 3 above,
hit "k", choose this template, and it will help you fill in the correct
information. "C-c C-c", and you're done. You actually never have to look
at the file.


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