> Uwe Brauer <o...@mat.ucm.es> writes:

   > Wow, emacs 27 ... I'm on Archlinux and always thought packages a pretty
   > up-to-date.

Right Ubuntu officially only ships 24, which is pretty old.

Well it is directly form git master, so it is a pre release.
The official release is 26.

   > Maybe outline has changed somehow between Emacs 25 and Emacs 27?
   > But I don't think so, the error you send is pretty typical for
   > incomplete configuration.

I think at the weekend, I will debug the problem. It might be that there
some parts of my init file which are in conflict with your package.

   > is typical when 

   > ,----
   > | outorg-prepare-message-mode-buffer-for-editing ()
   > `----

   > has not run, it turns this line into a 1st level org headline thus
   > converting any kind of message body into an org file.

   > ,----
   > | * --text follows this line--
   > | Uwe Brauer <o...@mat.ucm.es> writes:
   > `----

   > without this, the error is justified - an org file without a single 
   > org headline is no org file at all.

   > You could try to write an email with these lines:

   > ,----
   > | * 1st level
   > | ** 2nd level
   > | some text
   > `----

   > put point on some text an call outorg, to see if it works.

   > Another option would be to use edebug:
   > open outorg.el, put point into 'outorg-edit-as-org', and call M-x
   > edebug-defun. Then convert an email again, and go step-by-step with
   > SPACE key, and see how far you get.


BTW, you recommended
  (require 'outorg-export)

I installed your package via the package system, so I don't see that
file. Where can I obtain it from?

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