Uwe Brauer <o...@mat.ucm.es> writes:

>    > Uwe Brauer <o...@mat.ucm.es> writes:
>    > Wow, emacs 27 ... I'm on Archlinux and always thought packages a pretty
>    > up-to-date.
> Right Ubuntu officially only ships 24, which is pretty old.
> Well it is directly form git master, so it is a pre release.
> The official release is 26.
To avoid confusion, the official release is still 25.3. The next
release, which is probably still a ways off, will be 26.1 The 27 version
is really bleeding edge, containing changes which are considered too
risky for the next release. I'm not sure how frequently bug fixes for
26.1 are merged into the development branch.

>    > Maybe outline has changed somehow between Emacs 25 and Emacs 27?
>    > But I don't think so, the error you send is pretty typical for
>    > incomplete configuration.

>From a previous post, I think you mentioned you were running from git
master from mid/late last year. If your running from git master, I think
you need to pull fairly regularly as bugs are frequently fixed and you
could be tripping over something which has already been addressed. 

I suspect you are likely to run into a number of bugs with the latest
development version of emacs and you are probably one of the very few
who are looking at bugs in that version. Good luck.

Tim Cross

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