Hello everyone,

When one uses the following template expansion,

> %^{prop}p   Prompt the user for a value for property ‘prop’.

it supposes one to supply a non-empty string of characters. If one
simply hits RETURN on a given prompt for property, the capture process
ends with an

> org-capture: Capture abort: (quit)

message. This means that all prompts for properties are mandatory. It
this a feature or a bug?

Of course, if I ask the question, it is because I clearly see use cases
for optional properties prompts (which would leave empty the property in
question): you ask for several information, which you don't always have;
and you don't want the capture process to quit because of that. But may
be there is a better way to achieve this?

Many thanks in advance for your time!

Org 9.0.10 / Emacs 25.2.1

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