An alternative, which isn’t as neat as you would like, would be to set up the 3 
days as separate events, with 7-day repeats.

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> On 6 Apr 2018, at 15:16, Nick Dokos <> wrote:
> Cecil Westerhof <> writes:
>> There is something I want to do on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So I tried:
>> *** TODO Monday, Wednesday and Friday
>>     SCHEDULED: <%%(memq (calendar-day-of-week date) '(1 3 5))>
>> This seems to work: I see the activity on the correct days.
>> But then I changed today's entry to DONE. But then all are gone in my agenda 
>> view.
>> What I want is for today's item to be 'gone' and the future ones still 
>> displayed as TODO. Is that possible?
>> --
>> Cecil Westerhof
> My impression is that calendar sexp entries don't play well with the
> rest of org-mode: most of the code does not understand them, so you
> end up with situations like the above.
> IMO, you are better off creating separate entries for MWF. You might
> want to look into `org-clone-subtree-with-time-shift' to create them
> efficiently.
> -- 
> Nick

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