Cecil Westerhof <cldwester...@gmail.com> writes:

> There is something I want to do on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So I tried:
> *** TODO Monday, Wednesday and Friday
>     SCHEDULED: <%%(memq (calendar-day-of-week date) '(1 3 5))>
> This seems to work: I see the activity on the correct days.
> But then I changed today's entry to DONE. But then all are gone in my
> agenda view.
> What I want is for today's item to be 'gone' and the future ones still
> displayed as TODO. Is that possible?

Use of diary sexp entries is limited and this may not work. You may be
better off using org built in support for repeated scheduled/deadline

The other thing to note is that you need to use a different command when
marking a repeating item as done. The manual has the following -

   To mark a task with a repeater as ‘DONE’, use ‘C-- 1 C-c C-t’ (i.e.,
‘org-todo’ with a numeric prefix argument of -1.)

   A timestamp(2) will be added under the deadline, to keep a record
that you actually acted on the previous instance of this deadline.

   As a consequence of shifting the base date, this entry will no longer
be visible in the agenda when checking past dates, but all future
instances will be visible.

Tim Cross

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