I have been wanting to clean up org-faces.el for a couple of years.

1. Font-lock keywords are copied over and the file is a mess to browse.

2. Some faces are basically hard-coded.  It would be better to just
   inherit stuff and let the theme font lock dictate colors.

3. Things that must be fixed-pitch are not marked as such, making Org
   break with variable-pitch-mode out of the box.

4. Some faces probably could stand out a bit more.  E.g. meta-lines may
   not need to use the same face as comments.

I have tried to clean up the file (attached).  It’s probably not something
that should be merged until after v9.2, though.

However, it would be useful to know what sort of ideas there are about
faces.  E.g. I know that faces are eventually to reflect the element type.
Is there anything I should keep in mind?

Also, is there showcase of /all/ faces that I can use to test against?


Even a three-legged dog has three good legs to lose
;;; org-faces.el --- Face definitions -*- lexical-binding: t; -*-

;; Copyright (C) 2004-2018 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

;; Author: Carsten Dominik <carsten at orgmode dot org>
;; Keywords: outlines, hypermedia, calendar, wp
;; Homepage: https://orgmode.org
;; This file is part of GNU Emacs.
;; GNU Emacs is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.

;; GNU Emacs is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.

;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with GNU Emacs.  If not, see <https://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
;;; Commentary:

;; This file contains the face definitions for Org.

;;; Code:

;;; Custom variables

(defconst org-level-faces '(org-level-1 org-level-2 org-level-3 org-level-4
                                                org-level-5 org-level-6 
org-level-7 org-level-8))

(defcustom org-n-level-faces (length org-level-faces)
  "The number of different faces to be used for headlines.
Org mode defines 8 different headline faces, so this can be at most 8.
If it is less than 8, the level-1 face gets re-used for level N+1 etc."
  :type 'integer
  :group 'org-faces)

(defcustom org-cycle-level-faces t
  "Non-nil means level styles cycle after level `org-n-level-faces'.
Then so level org-n-level-faces+1 is styled like level 1.
If nil, then all levels >=org-n-level-faces are styled like
level org-n-level-faces"
  :group 'org-appearance
  :group 'org-faces
  :version "24.1"
  :type 'boolean)

(defcustom org-agenda-deadline-faces
  '((1.0 . org-warning)
    (0.5 . org-upcoming-deadline)
    (0.0 . org-upcoming-distant-deadline))
  "Faces for showing deadlines in the agenda.
This is a list of cons cells.  The cdr of each cell is a face to be used,
and it can also just be like \\='(:foreground \"yellow\").
Each car is a fraction of the head-warning time that must have passed for
this the face in the cdr to be used for display.  The numbers must be
given in descending order.  The head-warning time is normally taken
from `org-deadline-warning-days', but can also be specified in the deadline
timestamp itself, like this:

   DEADLINE: <2007-08-13 Mon -8d>

You may use d for days, w for weeks, m for months and y for years.  Months
and years will only be treated in an approximate fashion (30.4 days for a
month and 365.24 days for a year)."
  :group 'org-faces
  :group 'org-agenda-daily/weekly
  :type '(repeat
           (number :tag "Fraction of head-warning time passed")
           (sexp :tag "Face"))))

(defcustom org-faces-easy-properties
  '((todo . :foreground) (tag . :foreground) (priority . :foreground))
  "The property changes by easy faces.
This is an alist, the keys show the area of application, the values
can be `:foreground' or `:background'.  A color string for special
keywords will then be interpreted as either foreground or background
  :group 'org-faces
  :group 'org-todo
  :version "24.1"
  :type '(repeat
          (cons (choice (const todo) (const tag) (const priority))
                (choice (const :foreground) (const :background)))))

(defcustom org-todo-keyword-faces nil
  "Faces for specific TODO keywords.
This is a list of cons cells, with TODO keywords in the car
and faces in the cdr.  The face can be a symbol, a color
as a string (in which case the rest is inherited from the `org-todo' face),
or a property list of attributes, like
   (:foreground \"blue\" :weight bold :underline t).
If it is a color string, the variable `org-faces-easy-properties'
determines if it is a foreground or a background color."
  :group 'org-faces
  :group 'org-todo
  :type '(repeat
           (string :tag "Keyword")
           (choice :tag "Face   "
                   (string :tag "Color")
                   (sexp :tag "Face")))))

(defcustom org-priority-faces nil
  "Faces for specific Priorities.
This is a list of cons cells, with priority character in the car
and faces in the cdr.  The face can be a symbol, a color
as a string, or a property list of attributes, like
    (:foreground \"blue\" :weight bold :underline t).
If it is a color string, the variable `org-faces-easy-properties'
determines if it is a foreground or a background color."
  :group 'org-faces
  :group 'org-todo
  :type '(repeat
           (character :tag "Priority")
           (choice    :tag "Face    "
                      (string :tag "Color")
                      (sexp :tag "Face")))))

(defvar org-tags-special-faces-re nil)
(defun org-set-tag-faces (var value)
  (set var value)
  (if (not value)
      (setq org-tags-special-faces-re nil)
    (setq org-tags-special-faces-re
          (concat ":\\(" (mapconcat #'car value "\\|") "\\):"))))

(defcustom org-tag-faces nil
  "Faces for specific tags.
This is a list of cons cells, with tags in the car and faces in the cdr.
The face can be a symbol, a foreground color (in which case the rest is
inherited from the `org-tag' face) or a property list of attributes,
like (:foreground \"blue\" :weight bold :underline t).
If you set this variable through customize, it will immediately be effective
in new buffers and in modified lines.
If you set it with Lisp, a restart of Emacs is required to activate the
  :group 'org-faces
  :group 'org-tags
  :set 'org-set-tag-faces
  :type '(repeat
           (string :tag "Tag ")
           (choice :tag "Face"
                   (string :tag "Foreground color")
                   (sexp :tag "Face")))))

(defcustom org-fontify-quote-and-verse-blocks nil
  "Non-nil means, add a special face to #+begin_quote and #+begin_verse block.
When nil, format these as normal Org.  This is the default, because the
content of these blocks will still be treated as Org syntax."
  :group 'org-faces
  :version "24.1"
  :type 'boolean)

;; Basic faces

(defgroup org-faces nil
  "Faces in Org mode."
  :tag "Org Faces"
  :group 'org-appearance)

;; TODO: Maybe this inheirts too much?  Maybe it should only inherit
;; the face?
(defface org-default '((t (:inherit (default))))
  "Face used for org default text."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-fixed '((t (:inherit (fixed-pitch))))
  "Face used for org default text."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-dim '((t (:inherit (shadow))))
  "Face used for dimmed text."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-headline-default nil
  "Common face used for headline elements."
  :group 'org-faces)

;; TODO: Rename
(defface org-bold '((t (:inherit (bold))))
  "Subtly emphasized text"
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-underline '((t (:inherit (underline))))
  "Emphasized text")

(defface org-text-highlight '((t :inherit (font-lock-variable-name-face)))
  "Sublte foreground highlight")

(defface org-title-highlight '((t (:inherit (font-lock-builtin-face))))
  "Foreground highlight for titles.")

;; TODO: Rename
(defface org-medium-highlight '((t (:inherit (font-lock-keyword-face))))
  "Medium foreground highlight.")

(defface org-aggresive-highlight '((t (:inherit (font-lock-keyword-face))))
  "Aggresive foreground Highlight.")

(defface org-success '((t (:inherit (font-lock-type-face))))
  "Org success face")

(defface org-subtle-background  '((t (:inherit (region))))
  "Face for subtle background" )

(defface org-aggressive-background '((t (:inherit (secondary-selection))))
  "Face for subtle background" )

;; TODO: remove this and use invisible text instead.
;; TODO: should it use default background instead?
(defface org-hide
  `((t (:foreground ,(face-attribute 'org-default :background nil t))))
  "Face used to hide leading stars in headlines.
The foreground color of this face should be equal to the background
color of the frame."
  :group 'org-faces)

;;; Headlines

(defface org-level-1 '((t (:inherit (outline-1 org-headline-default))))
  "Face used for level 1 headlines."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-level-2 '((t (:inherit (outline-2 org-headline-default))))
  "Face used for level 2 headlines."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-level-3 '((t (:inherit (outline-3 org-headline-default))))
  "Face used for level 3 headlines."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-level-4 '((t (:inherit (outline-4 org-headline-default))))
  "Face used for level 4 headlines."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-level-5 '((t (:inherit (outline-5 org-headline-default))))
  "Face used for level 5 headlines."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-level-6 '((t (:inherit (outline-6 org-headline-default))))
  "Face used for level 6 headlines."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-level-7 '((t (:inherit (outline-7 org-headline-default))))
  "Face used for level 7 headlines."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-level-8 '((t (:inherit (outline-8 org-headline-default))))
  "Face used for level 8 headlines."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-archived '((t :inherit (org-dim)))
  "Face for headline with the ARCHIVE tag."
  :group 'org-faces)

;; TODO: Other variables depends on this, but it also uses
;; org-headline-default...
(defface org-warning '((t :inherit (font-lock-warning-face)))
  "Face for deadlines and TODO keywords."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-tag-group '((t :inherit org-tag))
  "Face for group tags."
  :group 'org-faces
  :version "24.4"
  :package-version '(Org . "8.0"))

(defface org-todo '((t (:inherit (org-warning  org-headline-default))))
  "Face used by headline todo items in progress."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-done '((t (:inherit (org-success org-headline-default))))
  "Face used for todo keywords that indicate DONE items."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-headline-done '((t (:inherit (org-done))))
  "Face used to indicate that a headline is DONE.
This face is only used if `org-fontify-done-headline' is set.  If applies
to the part of the headline after the DONE keyword."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-priority '((t (:inherit (org-medium-highlight 
  "Face used for priority cookies."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-checkbox-statistics-todo '((t (:inherit (org-todo))))
  "Face used for unfinished checkbox statistics."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-checkbox-statistics-done '((t (:inherit (org-done))))
  "Face used for finished checkbox statistics."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-tag '((t (:inherit (org-bold org-headline-default))))
  "Default face for tags.
Note that the variable `org-tag-faces' can be used to overrule this face for
specific tags."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-ellipsis '((t (:inherit (org-text-highlight org-underline))))
  "Face for the ellipsis in folded text."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-drawer '((t (:inherit (font-lock-constant-face))))
  "Face used for drawers."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-property-value '((t (:inherit org-dim)))
  "Face used for the value of a property."
  :group 'org-faces)

;; Column faces

(defface org-column '((t (:inherit (org-subtle-background))))
  "Face for column display of entry properties.
This is actually only part of the face definition for the text in column view.
The following faces apply, with this priority.

1. The color of the reference face.  This is normally the level fact that
   is used in the outline.  In agenda-mode, it will be the face of the
   first character in the line.  The color is explicitly retained to
   make sure that the column line still looks a bit like the structure
   line it is masking.

2. The `org-column' face.

3. The remaining properties of the reference face.

Since column view works by putting overlays with a display property
over individual characters in the buffer, the face of the underlining
character (this might for example be the a TODO keyword) might still
shine through in some properties.  So when your column view looks
funny, with \"random\" colors, weight, strike-through, try to explicitly
set the properties in the `org-column' face.  For example, set
:underline to nil, or the :slant to `normal'."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-column-title
  '((t (:inherit (org-subtle-background))))
  "Face for column display of entry properties."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-agenda-column-dateline '((t :inherit org-column))
  "Face used in agenda column view for datelines with summaries."
  :group 'org-faces)

;;; Table faces

(defface org-table '((t (:inherit (font-lock-function-name-face org-fixed))))
  "Face used for tables."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-formula '((t (:inherit (org-meta-line org-table ))))
  "Face for formulas."
  :group 'org-faces)

;; Org title keywords etc.

(defface org-title-value '((t (:inherit (org-title-highlight 
  "Face for document information values"
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-document-title '((t (:inherit (org-title-highlight org-bold))))
  "Face for document title, i.e. that which follows the #+TITLE: keyword."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-document-info '((t (:inherit (org-headline-default))))
  "Face for document date, author and email; i.e. that which
follows a #+DATE:, #+AUTHOR: or #+EMAIL: keyword."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-document-info-keyword '((t (:inherit (org-dim 
  "Face for #+TITLE:, #+AUTHOR:, #+EMAIL: and #+DATE: keywords."
  :group 'org-faces)

;;; Blocks

(defface org-meta-line '((t (:inherit (font-lock-doc-face org-fixed))))
  "Face for meta lines starting with \"#+\"."
  :group 'org-faces
  :version "22.1")

(defface org-block '((t (:inherit (org-dim org-fixed))))
  "Face text in #+begin ... #+end blocks."
  :group 'org-faces
  :version "26.1")

(defface org-quote '((t (:inherit (org-block))))
  "Face for #+BEGIN_QUOTE ... #+END_QUOTE blocks."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-verse '((t (:inherit (org-block))))
  "Face for #+BEGIN_VERSE ... #+END_VERSE blocks."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-block-begin-line '((t (:inherit (org-meta-line))))
  "Face used for the line delimiting the begin of source blocks."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-block-end-line '((t (:inherit (org-meta-line))))
  "Face used for the line delimiting the end of source blocks."
  :group 'org-faces)

;; Org faces for text elements

(defface org-link '((t :inherit (link)))
  "Face for links."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-footnote '((t (:inherit (link-visited))))
  "Face for footnotes."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-target '((t (:inherit (org-underline))))
  "Face for link targets."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-checkbox '((t (:inherit (org-bold))))
  "Face for checkboxes."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-list-dt '((t (:inherit org-bold)))
  "Default face for definition terms in lists."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-code '((t (:inherit (org-dim org-fixed))))
  "Face for fixed-width text like code snippets."
  :group 'org-faces
  :version "22.1")

(defface org-verbatim '((t (:inherit (org-dim org-fixed))))
  "Face for fixed-with text like code snippets."
  :group 'org-faces
  :version "22.1")

(defface org-macro '((t :inherit (org-text-highlight)))
  "Face for macros."
  :group 'org-faces
  :version "24.4"
  :package-version '(Org . "8.0"))

(defface org-latex-and-related '((t :inherit (org-text-highlight)))
  "Face used to highlight LaTeX data, entities and sub/superscript."
  :group 'org-faces
  :version "24.4"
  :package-version '(Org . "8.0"))

;;; Clock and schedule faces

(defface org-scheduled '((t (:inherit (org-agenda-highlight org-success))))
  "Face for items scheduled for a certain day."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-scheduled-today '((t (:inherit (org-scheduled))))
  "Face for items scheduled for a certain day."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-scheduled-previously '((t (:inherit (org-warning org-bold))))
  "Face for items scheduled previously, and not yet done."
  :group 'org-faces)

;;; Dates and deadlines

;; TODO: Is this necessary?
(defface org-upcoming-distant-deadline '((t :inherit (org-default)))
  "Face for items scheduled previously, not done, and have a distant deadline.
See also `org-agenda-deadline-faces'.")

(defface org-upcoming-deadline '((t (:inherit (org-warning org-bold)))) 
  "Face for items scheduled previously, and not yet done."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-clock-overlay '((t (:inherit (org-subtle-background))))
  "Basic face for displaying the secondary selection."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-date '((t (:inherit (org-medium-highlight org-underline))))
  "Face for date/time stamps."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-date-selected '((t (:inherit (org-aggressive-background))))
  "Face for highlighting the calendar day when using `org-read-date'.
Using a bold face here might cause discrepancies while displaying the
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-sexp-date '((t (:inherit org-date)))
  "Face for diary-like sexp date specifications."
  :group 'org-faces)

;;; Agenda faces

(defface org-agenda-done '((t (:inherit (org-success))))
  "Face used in agenda, to indicate lines switched to DONE.
This face is used to de-emphasize items that where brightly colored in the
agenda because they were things to do, or overdue.  The DONE state itself
is of course immediately visible, but for example a passed deadline is
\(by default) very bright read.  This face could be simply the default face
of the frame, for example."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-agenda-structure '((t (:inherit (org-title-highlight))))
  "Face used in agenda for captions and dates."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-agenda-date '((t (:inherit (org-agenda-structure))))
  "Face used in agenda for normal days."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-agenda-highlight '((t (:inherit (org-bold italic))))
  "Face for agenda emphasize."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-agenda-date-today '((t (:inherit (org-agenda-date 
  "Face used in agenda for today."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-agenda-clocking '((t (:inherit (org-aggressive-background))))
  "Face marking the current clock item in the agenda."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-agenda-date-weekend '((t (:inherit (org-agenda-date org-bold))))
  "Face used in agenda for weekend days.

See the variable `org-agenda-weekend-days' for a definition of
which days belong to the weekend."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-agenda-dimmed-todo-face '((t (:inherit (org-dim))))
  "Face used to dim blocked tasks in the agenda."
  :group 'org-faces)

;; TODO: where is this used?  Can we use org-subtle-background? 
(defface org-agenda-restriction-lock '((t :inherit (org-subtle-background)))
  "Face for showing the agenda restriction lock."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-agenda-current-time '((t (:inherit (org-time-grid))))
  "Face used to show the current time in the time grid."
  :group 'org-faces)

;; TODO: Is this necessary?
(defface org-agenda-diary '((t :inherit (org-default)))
  "Face used for agenda entries that come from the Emacs diary."
  :group 'org-faces)

;; TODO: Is this necessary?
(defface org-agenda-calendar-event '((t :inherit (org-default)))
  "Face used to show events and appointments in the agenda."
  :group 'org-faces)

;; TODO: Is this necessary?
(defface org-agenda-calendar-sexp '((t :inherit (org-default)))
  "Face used to show events computed from a S-expression."
  :group 'org-faces)

;; TODO: 
(defface org-time-grid '((t :inherit (org-text-highlight)))
  "Face used for time grids."
  :group 'org-faces)

;; Modeline

(defface org-agenda-filter-tags '((t :inherit (mode-line)))
  "Face for tag(s) in the mode-line when filtering the agenda."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-agenda-filter-regexp '((t :inherit (mode-line)))
  "Face for regexp(s) in the mode-line when filtering the agenda."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-agenda-filter-category '((t :inherit (mode-line)))
  "Face for categories in the mode-line when filtering the agenda."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-agenda-filter-effort '((t :inherit (mode-line)))
  "Face for effort in the mode-line when filtering the agenda."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-mode-line-clock '((t (:inherit (mode-line))))
  "Face used for clock display in mode line."
  :group 'org-faces)

(defface org-mode-line-clock-overrun '((t (:inherit (org-warning mode-line))))
  "Face used for clock display for overrun tasks in mode line."
  :group 'org-faces)

(provide 'org-faces)

;;; org-faces.el ends here

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