ah, i have org-block fixed also and did not update the list of things
not separate.

       (org-block ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :foreground "#70b020"))))
       (org-date ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :foreground "#806ab0"
:underline t))))
       (org-date-selected ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :background "Pink"))))
       (org-table ((t (:inherit fixed-pitch :foreground "#70a000"))))

also org-code and rcirc-timestamp.

On 4/8/18, Diego Zamboni <di...@zzamboni.org> wrote:
> Hi Samuel,
> Agree, I have started using variable pitch in org-mode and it has made it
> much more enjoyable.
> I recently documented my configuration here:
> http://zzamboni.org/post/beautifying-org-mode-in-emacs/
> <http://zzamboni.org/post/beautifying-org-mode-in-emacs/>
> About your point (1.3), I have source blocks set to fixed-pitch by
> configuring the “org-block” face, works well.
> Best,
> —Diego
>> On 8 Apr 2018, at 21:08, Samuel Wales <samolog...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 4/8/18, Rasmus <ras...@gmx.us> wrote:
>>> I have been wanting to clean up org-faces.el for a couple of years.
>> thanks.
>> fwiw on variable pitch.
>> i find that variable pitch reads legibly.  is efficient with
>> horizontal space, and looks great.  it also makes the mode
>> line short.  took a few days to get used to, then it got awesome.  i
>> will never go back.
>> in my .emacs i made tables, example block contents, and
>> timestamps be fixed-pitch.  you want those to align.
>> it works great in org.
>> the only issues i have found in org are:
>>  1) these items do not seem to have their own face and thus
>>     cannot yet be made to be fixed pitch:
>>     1) list bullets
>>     2) the spaces before list items and contents
>>     3) source block contents
>>     4) numbers and number components like .-,+
>>  2) tags do not get aligned to the same window-pixel
>>  3) by default, c-c ' does not run prog-mode hooks where necessary to
>> turn it off.  or something.  trivial workaround is setting mode in the
>> block.  so not really a problem.
>> samuel

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