> that is a great blog post!  lots of good detail.  and visually pleasing 
> itself.

Thanks! I recently started using ox-hugo for my blogging, and it works great.

> off topic here, but the problem with visual-line-mode for me is that
> at least in 24.4 it does not respect fill column.  this is a
> dealbreaker.  i stick with m-q.

It still doesn’t (I’m using 25.3.2), but I have become used to adjusting the 
width of my Emacs window to match what I want to do - make it full-width for 
coding, and half- or two-thirds for prose. The lines then adjust to the width 
of the window automatically.

Thinking about it, I’m not sure it’s even possible, since fill-column (just 
like m-q) works based on number of characters in a line, which is not a good 
indicator with proportional fonts. There would need to be some other way to 
indicate where to wrap the line that does not depend on number of characters (I 
guess this is what setting the window width does, in fact).

> in any case pleased that this stuff is being made /even better/ by rasmus.

Fully agree!


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