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> Yes, because of byte code incompatibilities.  Yes, I probably need to
> set up major version specific directories.  Laziness on my part, I
> guess.  Which is why I am happy for my comment to be ignored. ;-)

OK, but I'll still leave this here in case anyone wants to do that (major
version specific elpa dir) :)

For emacs 26.x and older:
- Put the below in your emacs config *before* (require 'package)

For emacs 27.x (and probably newer) i.e. current master:
- Put the below in your ~/.emacs.d/early-init.el

(setq package-user-dir (let ((elpa-dir-name (format "elpa_%s"
emacs-major-version))) ;default = "elpa"
                           (file-name-as-directory (expand-file-name
elpa-dir-name user-emacs-directory))))

Kaushal Modi

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